Louisiana Children's Museum

Leave a Lasting Legacy


Thanks to the incredible support of our community, the Louisiana Children’s Museum will open its new “blue doors” to dynamic new experiences in City Park, Summer of 2019!  We invite our community to be part of a unique and permanent art installation that will adorn LCM’s front porch in City Park.


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An impressive architectural feature designed to say “WELCOME!” to all who visit, LCM’s front porch opens onto an unparalleled vista of the park landscape.  Its length intentionally runs along the lagoon edge to enhance the enjoyment of and connection to the beautiful natural surrounds.  As part of this experience, LCM has collaborated with local artist Mitchell Gaudet of Studio Inferno to design a one-of-a-kind, permanent art installation that reflects the beauty of the park as well as the strength of our community.

Inspired by the significant and festive role that beads play in our culture, Gaudet has individually cast 500, 5” diameter glass beads in a rainbow of colors. These beads will bespeckle the 240-foot long porch railings as the sun shines through them.  Children can spin the beads and hunt for names as they watch the colors dance on the porch deck.  Made from recycled glass, each bead is unique and together they make up a spectacular whole –like the amazing community that is making LCM in City Park possible.                                                                                                                            Each glass bead is designed to be etched with personal names, memorials, quotes or other tributes (3 lines of 18 characters each).  Limited to 500 beads, this is a truly distinctive way to celebrate those you love while leaving a lasting legacy for all visitors to LCM in City Park.  Each bead costs $1,000, with the option to add an animal to the back for an additional $100.  We invite you to participate in this special offering!



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