Louisiana Children's Museum


First Floor Exhibits

  • Bubbles

    Stand inside a giant bubble, have a blast with our bubble table, and more!

  • Fetch!

    Based on the popular, science-based TV show, observe, hypothesize and experiment while exploring the world of physics through problem-solving activities and games.

  • Safety Zone

    Explore ways to keep your community, home and yourself safe. Practice dialing 911, inspect your house for potential safety hazards and discover personal safety and how to manage feelings and emotions.

  • Simple Machines

    Lift off the ground and hoist away on a pulley, test your strength on the fulcrum and explore inclines and ramps with our Gator Pull. Look inside a simple machine and see the amazing gears that make them go.

  • Times Picayune Theatre

    Our Times Picayune Theatre is a great place to get oriented before a field trip, enjoy a special Stuffee presentation, participate in a yoga workshop, or enjoy a special performance on select weekends!

Second Floor Exhibits

  • Merieult House of the Historic New Orleans Collection

    Step inside the recreated courtyard of one of New Orleans’ oldest buildings – the Merieult House of the Historic New Orleans Collection. Go back in time and enter a 1790s New Orleans courtyard to discover how people in New Orleans lived and how courtyards supported everyday life!

  • Art Trek

    Spark your creativity in Art Trek, the LCM’s working art studio where daily encounters explore a multitude of media and techniques including: drawing, painting, sculpture, screen printing, collage and more!

  • Talk and Play Center

    Explore the world of books and literacy in true Louisiana tradition. Explore Cypress root tunnels, dress up and perform a play, put on a puppet show, recite rhymes, make music, enjoy a story in the storytelling swamp, and so much more! This special space encourages children to join in play while strengthening early childhood needs of language and literacy development.

  • New Orleans: Proud to Call it Home Architecture Exhibit

    Learn how a city grows and develops in our innovative architecture exhibit. Design columns, build strong walls, power an electric light and fan, find the strongest shape used in construction and learn about life in a Shotgun Home and Creole Cottage. Work on a drafting board and design your own home.


  • Eye to Eye

    How is your vision? Make an appointment with the eye doctor and have your eyes checked! Ever wondered what other animals see when they look at you? See the world through the eyes of a honeybee, hawk or catfish. Walk through the anatomy of your amazing eyes in our life-size model and test how fast you can see. Finish your experience by tricking your eyes in the Hall of Illusions.

  • First Adventures

    Our youngest visitors have a special place to climb, crawl and explore! Focused on early childhood development, this exhibit is an enclosed area featuring brightly colored toys, games, books, and more! First Adventures is for children three and under. Join us for Toddler Time in First Adventures, every Tuesday through Friday at 10:30 a.m.!



  • Louisiana Hospitality Foundation

    Kids’ Café

    Cooks, servers, customers and maitre d’s abound in our spectacular Kids’ Café. Be a server or a cook.  Take an order from the menu, prepare it in the kitchen and serve it to a table of friendly customers. Maybe you’ll be a host that greets customers and seats them at the counter or fancy table.

  • Little Port of New Orleans

    What five ships are found in the Port of New Orleans? In our Little Port you will discover the ships that are coming and going and follow the cargo that arrives from other countries. Crawl through crates and explore the cargo that ships carry.  Stop by the Julia Street Warehouse where you can practice loading ships and check their balance to make sure they don’t tip or sink

  • Lil’ Grocery Store

    Shop til you drop in our kid-size Grocery Store. Examine different food groups and plan our your menu for dinner. Roll your grocery cart through the cash register lane and become a clerk. Be a grocery store stock boy and place items back on shelves! What will you buy today?

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