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Principals of Play Power schools have said that our program has positively changed the culture of the schools.

Play Power is an outreach program sponsored by the Louisiana Children’s Museum aimed at fostering the development of social and emotional well being among kindergarten through 3rd grade students. Children engage in play-based activities, such as art, music, drama, storytelling, and collaborative games. Students have fun while developing a positive sense of self and important skills related to focus, control, self-regulation, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The Play Power curriculum was specifically designed to provide students with coping mechanisms, confidence building, conflict resolution, and alleviate daily stressors students’ experience. Play Power Educators become role models for students, in addition to forming supportive relationships with students and school facility. Play Power Educators also document the development of life skills through photographs, interviews with teachers and children, the collection of artifacts and the stories children tell about the artifacts. Tulane child psychologists working with the program have contended that for many children participating in Play Power, our dedicated space within the school building represents the safest environment in the students’ lives.



On February 7th, 2017, multiple tornados struck New Orleans East. Homes, neighborhoods, and schools were heavily damaged. When the Play Power students heard the news, they wanted to communicate compassion to their peers through empathetic and supportive cards.


Louisiana Children’s Museum Helps Kids Develop Emotional Literacy Through ‘Play Power’ Program

(July 1, 2014) The Louisiana Children’s Museum is more than just a place to visit. One of the Museum’s traveling outreach programs is Play Power, which visits schools and NORD camps in areas of New Orleans deeply impacted by Hurricane Katrina…

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