Louisiana Children's Museum

Our History

Since opening its doors in 1986, the Louisiana Children’s Museum has been one of the city’s premier attractions for children. We welcome 147,000 visitors per year, engaging children, families, caregivers, and school groups in memorable interactive experiences designed to make learning fun.

The Museum’s 30,000 square feet of exhibit space and programs offer children a diverse set of activities that promote learning across many disciplines – from reading and math skills to architectural ideas and the nuances of grocery shopping – through interactive play. Whether they are learning what bones they use to ride a bike, alongside Mr. Bones or loading up a cargo ship in the Little Port of New Orleans exhibit, children take an active role in their own learning.


Our Mission

Louisiana Children’s Museum contributes to the region’s future prosperity by engaging children’s potential and making that potential visible. Through play, shared explorations, and in dialogue with adults, LCM connects children to each other, adults, their environments and communities.



Louisiana Children’s Museum envisions a world where communities value children, strengthen and support families, and improve life outcomes by ensuring access to safe, innovative, learning, and play experiences.



  • Each Child’s Potential: The child’s potential and capabilities inspire and guide us in our work.
    We recognize the critical role childhood experiences play in strengthening children’s capabilities.
    We respond to the enormous challenges limiting opportunities for too many of our community’s children.
    We engage in areas where changing long-term life outcomes are possible including well-being, literacy, and adult engagement.
    We create dynamic play and learning environments, exhibits, and programs informed by essential experiences that contribute to children’s optimal development.
  • Engaged Communities: We are committed to building stronger, connected communities through active engagement.
    Our network of partners engages with the community around children to widen the circle of opportunity and prosperity for all children.
    We play active and varied roles in bringing new perspectives to the culture of childhood.
    We connect families, neighborhoods, and communities to build a robust ecosystem for childhood across generations, neighborhoods, and cultures.
    We make our intentions transparent and our work visible to our visitors, our partners, and policy-makers.
  • Learning: We are a learning organization; we value learning for ourselves, for children and for families.
    We advance the critical role of play in learning in each experience and environment we create.
    We engage in dialogue with parents and caregivers to support their role in children’s learning.
    We learn from documentation, as process and as a tool, to make children’s thinking and learning visible.
    We learn from visitors, partners, and museum colleagues to increase our value to the community.
  • A Dynamic Community: Our culturally rich, diverse and dynamic community belongs to all children.
    We are welcoming and accessible to all families and children, of all backgrounds and circumstances.
    We seek options and opportunities for inclusion in our play and learning experiences that support the potential of all children.
    We value the local cultural assets that connect us and create play and learning experiences that reflect our region.
  • Stewardship and Resilience: Stewardship and resilience inform our choices and decisions today to increase our capacity in meeting future challenges and opportunities.
    We believe that resilient systems for the city and its children are critical to a brighter and more prosperous future for all.
    We recognize and value the talents of staff and volunteers, fostering their development and actively improving the organizational culture.
    We adhere to innovative, sustainable and green practices in our building and operations.
    We seek multiple, stable, long-term sources of revenue to provide greater financial sustainability.


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