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Today's Hours Temporarily Closed

City Park New Orleans

15 Henry Thomas Drive

New Orleans, LA 70124


Today's Hours Temporarily Closed

City Park New Orleans

15 Henry Thomas Drive

New Orleans, LA 70124


Sustainability Director


Every employee at the Louisiana Children’s Museum has the same Strategic Job Description. It includes three elements, listed in order of priority.

Your first priority – Is to achieve the organization’s purpose. In other words, you in particular are responsible for everything.
Your second priority – Is to help others achieve the organization’s purpose.
Your third priority – Is to carry out your job function.


As the Sustainability Director, this employee plans, facilitates and evaluates all aspects of the diverse, nature-related content that has been researched and prepared in the Dig Into Nature exhibit gallery, Move With The River exhibit gallery, and outdoor landscape.  Using the museum’s Learning Framework for all program planning (whether with exhibit components or with external stakeholders and partners), the Director works with the CEO and Chief Learning Officer to maximize the rich experiences designed for these important galleries and learning centers.


Reports to: Chief Learning Officer

Supervises: Part time staff and volunteers in Dig Into Nature, Move With The River, Outside Play

Coordinates with: Other Impact Area directors, marketing staff

Interacts with: Museum guests, all museum staff


  • College degree required, preferably with a degree in environmental education
  • Experience in field – 5 + years full time employment experience brought to position, with passion for and knowledge of content in this area
  • Experience in interactive, informal educational settings
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Strong organizational skills necessary for development and management of goals and strategies, program plans, project (grant-funded and other) deliverables
  • Knowledge of the local environmental needs, opportunities, and education resources
  • Experience managing staff and volunteers


  • Planning, facilitation, shared delivery, and evaluation of all content areas in the Dig Into Nature gallery, including knowledge of and delivery for the following exhibits:
    • Storytelling Nest
    • Nature Caring Station
    • Nature Sharing Station (In Dialogue station)
    • Cajun Pirogue
    • Exploration and Innovation
    • Sedimentation Table
    • Promise Tree Portal

Qualifications include knowledge of Louisiana’s ecosystems, habitats, water management needs.  Management of simple “collections” program.

  • Planning, facilitation, shared delivery, and evaluation of all content areas in the Move With The River gallery, including knowledge of and delivery for the following exhibits:
    • Water Wall
    • Water Table
    • Tot Spot
    • Book Nook / In Dialogue station (Water Dialogues)
    • Shipping Destinations

Qualifications include knowledge of Louisiana’s ecosystems, habitats, water management needs (ideally New Orleans Urban Water Plan). 

  • Serve as a key individual responsible for facilitating affiliated outdoor learning environments, such as all areas of green infrastructure, including cistern, runnel, bioswales, stormwater holding area, and wetlands. Similarly, serve as key leader for water management issues addressed through LCM’s Water Pathways and Water Stories. Additionally, serve as steward of intended play and care for learning platforms as the Toddler Landscape, the Wetlands, the Dock and Floating Classroom, and new outreach program – Steward’s Ship – once funded. Work in development of specific curriculum content, alignment with DOE standards, and LCM documentation of experiences with sustainable learning platforms.

Qualifications include knowledge of green infrastructure, Louisiana’s ecosystems, habitats, water management needs.  Experience interacting with young children in sharing hands-on knowledge about nature and its healthy systems.

  • Create master planning, with CEO and Chief Learning Officer, for annual and multi-year delivery of mission. Included in this planning will be:
    • A Level Programs, needing additional volunteers, promotion, funding, and planning, such as:
      • Annual festivals
    • B Level Programs – mid-sized programs
      • Delivery and facilitation of highlighted exhibits and exhibit experiences
      • Hold primary responsibility for delivery of signature programs like Water Pathways
    • C Level Programs – daily deliveries
      • Floating Classroom “tours”
      • Daily storytelling in exhibit galleries
      • Demonstrations of the Sedimentation Table, etc.
      • Engagement with strategic community partners

Qualifications include experience with complex, high level and everyday level program planning and delivery

  • Conduct administrative responsibilities which include Staff management (Responsibility hiring, training, managing full time staff, part time staff, volunteers, key program partners – training from LCM documents about purpose of exhibit components [inside and out], delivery to target audiences, accuracy of content, compliance with all grant deliverables. Supervising, coaching, advising and evaluating are also part of these responsibilities); Fiscal management (Responsibility for expenses of operating budget, exhibit maintenance budget, grant compliance); Key audience management (Experience working with young children [LCM’s target ages are 4-8], teachers [for specialized field trips and professional development]. A key player with local, state, and federal / national partnerships); Time management (Experience working on tight deadlines with other departments as needed.  Work to keep annual planning on track, as well as special grant-funded responsibilities and associated deliverables).

Qualifications include experience with all aspects of administrative planning, delivery, and assessment

  • Work with development staff to identify and support funding opportunities for special programs, events, and initiatives

Qualifications include experience working with potential funders whose goals align with the museum goals

  • Participate in weekly reflections with peer education staff as to successful delivery and impacts for young children, knowledge shared with parents, grandparents, and educators – and continued reflections as to ways to strengthen and learn from what was experienced

Qualifications include experience leading, coaching, guiding, listening, following, partnering, reflecting, evaluating, documenting – and starting all over again


LCM’s Learning Framework
Training manual for Dig Into Nature (including sources for exhibit loose parts) – approximately 50 pages
Training manual for Move With The River (including sources for exhibit loose parts) – approximately 50 pages
Overview of Outdoor Learning Experiences – (19 garden areas) 21 pages


Please provide a resume and cover letter to Julia Bland at careers@lcm.org.  In your cover letter, please address the “Qualifications” under each Key Responsibility of the job description and outline how your skill set aligns with our requirements.  If a cover letter is not submitted with your resume, your application will not be considered.  Please no phone calls.  Thank you for your interest in the Louisiana Children’s Museum.