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Today's Hours 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

City Park New Orleans

15 Henry Thomas Drive

New Orleans, LA 70124


Today's Hours 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

City Park New Orleans

15 Henry Thomas Drive

New Orleans, LA 70124


Volunteer Manager


Every employee at the Louisiana Children’s Museum has the same Strategic Job Description. It includes three elements, listed in order of priority.

  1. Your first priority – Is to achieve the museum’s purpose. In other words, you in particular are responsible for everything.
  2. Your second priority – Is to help others achieve the museum’s purpose.
  3. Your third priority – Is to carry out your job function.


Position Summary

This position is a key administration position, working closely with the COO to staff the museum’s many needs for mission-delivery and behind the scenes operations with trustworthy volunteers.  The volunteer cycle is a continuous one and consists of the primary functions of identifying museum needs, recruiting talented applicants, engaging and “hiring” qualified volunteers, training volunteers for work to be accomplished, scheduling and supporting their work at the museum, recognizing and thanking them for service, and evaluating to determine ways to improve operations. The new museum will have a variety of opportunities for volunteers to assist in mission delivery, and it is essential for LCM to build a strong Volunteer Program to maximize this opportunity.  This is a full time position working  Wednesday – Sunday.


Minimum Qualifications and Characteristics

  1. Experience working in non-profit management and direct experience managing a volunteer program
  2. Highly organized in time management and computer skills
  3. A people person, with ability to communicate with and work with people from all backgrounds
  1. Knowledge of local and regional community organizations and networks, with specific focus on early education, health and wellness and environmental education
  1. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  2. Positive thinker with an abundance of patience


Key Responsibilities and Associated Qualifications

Experience and work responsibilities include:

  1. Create LCM’s full time Volunteer Program, working with staff members and others in the community with successful volunteer programs. For reference, please see LCM’s Volunteer Program Model power point overview of volunteers and benefits


  1. Identification of LCM’s volunteer needs, shaping position descriptions for various roles in need of being staffed.
    • Qualifications include operational and human resources experience, with the ability to listen, assess, plan and schedule volunteers in order to match volunteer strengths to our mission delivery. The ability to write descriptions with enticing definitions yet clarity about work expectations is a plus.


  1. Recruit an applicant pool matching the identified needs of the museum mission delivery. Active recruitment through websites, job forums, appropriate community locations, community groups and schools to identify strong candidates for volunteer work. Assess potential volunteer “best match / fit” for times to be contributed for work identified by museum staff.
    • Qualifications include the ability to read applications, interview candidates and assess skills best suited for work to be accomplished


  1. Engaging and “hiring” qualified candidates for specified volunteer work using common human resourcing skills. Receive, process, screen applications, follow up with applicant, schedule interviews, check references and / or criminal background, and match volunteer to appropriate role.
    • Qualifications include knowledge of local community and possible sources for finding qualified volunteers, including:
      • Master Naturalists
      • Master Gardeners
      • Retired educators
      • Librarians or literacy specialists
      • High School or College groups
  1. Training volunteers for work to be accomplished
    • Qualifications include ability to shape and write a comprehensive training program and Volunteer Handbook, ensuring LCM goals are being advanced as volunteers deliver mission through work with us.
    • Background in customer service, ensuring that all volunteers know how to Welcome All to our museum’s many experiences


  1. Scheduling and supporting volunteers in their work at the museum through clear and organized communication and materials (position descriptions, forms, data tracking), and through maintaining the Volunteer Work Space as a tidy space and updated with recruitment materials as needed for continued opportunities.
    • Qualifications include ability to prioritize museum needs with applicants who volunteer their time, ensuring that each need is met. Ideally, schedules are regular and predictable, enabling staff to positively interact with volunteers
    • Qualifications include human resource experience and management, as each volunteer will work with both the Volunteer Manager and the staff person requesting the assistance. Experience with disciplinary action if needed.
    • Qualifications include preparing and overseeing a welcoming and organized Volunteer Work Space


  1. Recognizing and thanking volunteers for their service to establish relationship with volunteers to build a strong, consistent volunteer base
    • Qualifications include experience working with volunteers and understanding that their “payment” is through appreciation and that appreciation can serve as motivation to continue their service.
      • Ability to plan training programs, track volunteer time in a database, document activities (photos), sharing benefit opportunities, preparing annual Thank You event. Ensuring that volunteers feel valued, supported and appreciated is critical.


  1. Evaluating constantly to determine ways to continually improve the program
    • Qualifications include experience with survey, assessment, evaluations of large programs, with an attitude of continual improvement


Key Relationships

  1. Reports to:  COO
  2. Supervises: Volunteers
  3. Coordinates with: COO, Chief Learning Officer, Education Managers, Special Events Manager
  4. Interacts with: Community Partners, Museum Visitors, Museum Colleagues, Sponsors


  1. LCM Learning Framework
  2. History and details of each exhibit gallery, as well as outdoor learning experiences
  3. Education Programs Calendar as well as master museum calendar


Time Allocation (how time should be allocated)

Identification of museum needs                                                                5%

Recruiting talented applicants                                                                    5%

“Hiring” qualified candidates                                                                      5%

Administrative Functions                                                                              75%

  • Data collection
  • Training volunteers for work to be accomplished
  • Schedule and supporting their work at the museum

Recognizing and thanking them for service                                           5%

Evaluating for strengthened program                                                      5%


To apply, please provide a resume and cover letter to Lauren Clay at  In your cover letter, please address the “Requirements and Qualifications” section of the job description and outline how your skill set aligns with our requirements.  If a cover letter is not submitted with your resume, your application will not be considered.  Thank you for your interest in the Louisiana Children’s Museum.  

Equal Opportunity Employment

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants and employees in hiring and all other aspects of employment, without regard to gender, race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or other status protected by applicable law. In addition, the Louisiana Children’s Museum provides reasonable accommodations to qualified disabled individuals in all aspects of employment, including the application process.